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Lay Down

A whisper in the morning
a breath against my neck.
The hottest, bottomless yearning
to have you in this bed.
A walk in our woods
the dance of the light
you spin me around
there is no day, no night.
You say those sweet words,
this will never get old –
they all want to know you
so they talk, envy and scold.
Don’t worry baby,
just lock that door.
We’ll leave the day’s worries
with my jeans on the floor.
Lay me down lover,
leave your boots and your belt,
share with me our light, the one
that can only be felt.

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Slow dance.

Together, you and I are a miracle.
We are the earth shaking, parting of the seas place where-the-lightning-touches-the-Earth sign that renews my faith that I am not finished loving.
Not finished, but often just beginning, to live.

The air even appreciates the miracle that we are, and swirls differently around when we are together.
The breeze dances to lift my hair, and leaps to you to fill your lungs with the scent of us. It winds it’s way around us, whispering “Yes. Go.”, and the space between us disappears.
Lips find hungry, searching lips and final I can breathe again.
Strong hands grasp my hips and hold me to this place, and slowly begins our dance.

Your skin on mine is the perfect blend of caramel and cream and I find myself momentarily lost in a daydream, wondering what he or she would look like, this love child of ours.
Quickly I am brought back to you as the hands that know me make their way over the curves and rises of me, and at once I am on fire, consumed with you.

I am everything and nothing,
you are my doing and undoing,
my beginning and the only end I wish to ever see.

We dance on, and when blazing skin meets blazing skin and you whisper words of forever in a language so beautiful the walls around my heart shatter like glass to the ground, I am taken beyond myself. I am taken beyond should and shouldn’t, beyond today, past always.

You whisper that you need me, that you never want this to end.
I whisper back, “Then stay.”


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