One. Wild. Thing.

Well I’m exhausted right now, but I’m also charged in a new way today. I had this A.MAZ.ZING. experience with my lovely friend Donna the other night; who will be getting her own post this weekend full of photos and explanation of her soulful (literally) talent; and it left me wanting, craving something big. Not necessarily something big for myself even…just a belonging to something that moved people, something that made energy between souls flow, created love and relationships and a universal empowerment. This sounds like a big undertaking. But something inside of me tells me it can be SO simple. So simple that I have to try. I want to inspire a movement. Something that is so powerful, but so simple that it can take as little as a moment in someone’s day. (and no…I’m not asking for 10cents a day for the rest of your life..;)

Before I started Northwood…before I really started ME; I met so many people that I KNOW were amazing on the inside; but had lost themselves. Lost that passion. That primal, instinctively awesome part of themselves that doesn’t come from a social status, a new car, or a corner office. It radiates from our core; from the deepest part of who we are…that place we pull our last bit of strength from, where our deepest love lives. So often life gets overwhelming, and that part of us gets buried. It happens to the absolute best of us; we are not weaker people for it – in fact, I feel that to come back from under that pressure is a direct testament to the strength that lies within us. So now; I want to call that out in the world. In the smallest, but possibly the most significant way. I want to challenge myself, and each of you, to do something for YOU. To do one wild thing. It can be one wild thing each day; as simple as parting your hair to a new side or wearing purple leggings if that’s out of your box; or as big as booking a last minute deal flight to Paris to kiss a stranger under the Eiffel Tower. Here’s the thing though. I want to hear about it ALL. Every adventure. Every struggle. Every saga along the way. Because whether you all know it or not, you inspire me everyday. This – what I do here…this is my life. It would not be possible without the inspiration of your love, your journeys, and your willingness to allow me to be a part of them. Thank you.

At the end of Project: Wild America, I will land in our new (actually old..) home in Southern California, and I will settle in to start my next big idea. A book. A novel. A compilation of wonder, wander, and amazement. I don’t know what it will be called yet, or even what it will really end up being about. But I want you all to be a part of it. I will be updating the blog along my travels with my chosen Wild Things, and I hope that it will inspire you as I have been inspired by so many over the past year. So send me your stories. Send ‘em all to, send them to me here through the site, send me a letter, a photo, a VHS tape…just share your wild adventures — and let’s change the whole. damn. world.

So do me this. Take this banner, button, what have you – pass it to everyone you know. This isn’t about recommending me or my services or anything of the sort. It’s about inspiring and daring the people you love to tap into the wild parts of their soul and DREAM and DO in broad daylight. I can’t imagine what could be more beautiful than a world full of wild dreams being realized.

Go out and get wild.




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TinaMarie Gardner - January 21, 2012 - 11:18 am
admin - January 21, 2012 - 1:13 pm

Awesome! Love your site – what a fun idea! Keep sharing your cool self with the world!! :)

virginia - January 21, 2012 - 2:31 pm

Today I revisited the past, a place that when I left was not on my own terms and was incredibly hurtful to me. Today someone else was made to leave not on their own terms. I made it a point to go back, bring her flowers with friends, and tell her she would make it. She would survive. It wasn’t wild as in crazy but wild to return and give someone a hand that was being shoved out a door. There is more to someone than what others want to believe in order to achieve their own goals by stepping on those around them, and she IS more, and they will never see.

dennis - January 31, 2012 - 5:53 pm|dennis

love your site!

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