An absence.

The last time it rained,

I stood in it with you.

We stood pressed as the drops rain over our faces like Holy Water,

absolving us of the judgement from the day.

We stood pressed, letting kisses wash our souls clean.

The quiet strum of spanish guitar moves through the air

and headlights illuminate the drops as they fall from the sky to my hair,

to your shirt, still warm and already damp from a long day of work.

You are singing softly in my ear, and I am lost in

all that you are.

You say that you only sing for me. I believe you. I always believe in you.

Because my voice, my heart, and this soul only sings for you.

Searching hands over slick wet skin find the sanctuary they’ve searched so long for

and finally we are able to breathe.

The rain whispers ‘forever’ as you whisper ‘always’ and I am yours.

I feel a drop making it’s way from my forehead down the side of my face, and I travel with it on a journey

of possibility.

The things we could be if we were brave enough to step off the ledge.

Time is such a tragic, beautiful, mysterious lover. A gift giving, thieving adulteress who can lift us up

and ruin us in one sweep.

All things in time, they say.

All things in time.

Today it rains,

and though you are there, and I am here,

know that I can feel you pressing your cheek to mine as we move to the music

and that with each drop that falls, each song that plays,

I am still yours.

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I’ll take my coffee with a side of you.

My hair falls softly

Caressing the curves of my shoulder

The smell of coffee runs up the stairs to greet you

Hummingbirds hover

Saying soft hellos the flowers woven upon my balcony

I press the French down slowly

Letting the grains resist my urgency

Just milk, he says.

Pitter patter falls the rain

Jose Gonzalez fills the kitchen

My denim shirt falls open

Carelessly buttoned

I shiver

The sun has not yet reached my cabin

The logs still hold the night

The rain falls gently, then fast.

Like Mother Nature’s finger tips

Drumming away on the roof

Where did the inside sheet run off to?

I pull you close

We are too tangled to start a fire

Drinking each others’ body heat

Murmuring nonsensical romance

Nine days? It can’t be.

The creek beside my cabin rushes wildly

Tormented by the rain

A wood pecker drills away in the distance

All I feel is your lips drift upon my spine

My soul curls

Gasps in sweet delight

Tightens itself

And lets go into the abyss

Strength within surrender

Kissing away hours

Finger tips glide between thighs

Pillows astray

As we meet between the sheets

I find your mouth

Again and again

And again.

He leaves fresh cut wildflowers on every window sill

purple lilies on the doorstep

whittles the day away

palms full of splinters

my heart warms quietly in my chest

can one eat kisses?

I’m starving for your lips

and they just left mine.

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This Moment // Amanda + Kevin

“I was hoping for a little more blue sky”…Amanda sighed as we hiked up the hill to the Castle atop Whiteface Memorial Highway. Trust me…it’s going to be beautiful.:)And beautiful they are. Self professed sillies Amanda and Kevin have a little more hot romance in them then they let me in on when we first got started. We laughed, we froze to death while the wind whipped around us a few thousand feet up in the air, and then we ended our afternoon on the historic stone bridge in Wilmington, with the mountains smiling down on us from the beautiful blue sky that Amanda was hoping for. These two are getting married here in the Adirondacks next fall, and I am so excited to see what life has in store for them.

With Heart,


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This Moment // Alexis + Scott

I’ve been making a million notes lately, and you’ll all be seeing some changes to the Northwood and sites in the coming weeks; and this little bit is one of them:)I’ve been putting a great deal of thought into the way I present images, and in the past I’ve shown the great majority of a collection in the blog feature; which I love to do…because I love sharing, and I have lovely, beautiful clients that I want to show the world. However, I feel that it can be overwhelming. Dauting, even, if you have a slow internet connection:)Moreover, I felt it took away from the feeling of a moment. This time I spend with my clients, with my friends; it is a collection of moments. It isn’t an hour, or two or five. It isn’t’ a day. It is a collection of split seconds in time, frozen for them to savor, to relive, to feel again and again through this imagery. So going forward, these features will be a moment. Sometimes two…at a most 3. Collection links will be shared should readers wish to view them via my online galleries; but I’d like to get back to the basics of writing and connecting here on the blog….because that’s what I came here for. To connect. With you. To share with you what I feel when I do this work, to share my life with you, to share your thoughts and ideas and to do my best to serve each of you on this journey.

For today friends, this moment. Alexis and Scott; shot at San Pasqual Valley Ranch in Escondido. These two embody beautiful, youthful love (and they line dance…so I basically find them perfect) and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next summer. Thanks for coming down you two. xx

With Heart,


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Whispering Oaks Terrace Wedding // Raelyn + Will

There’s nowhere that I wouldn’t follow
There’s nothing that I won’t do for your kiss
I love you like there’s no tomorrow
Cause nothing ever felt like this

There’s nothing I won’t steal or borrow
I’ll travel on a boat or aeroplane
I’ll explore a world of sorrow
Cause when I find you I know, I know I’ma be OK

See the times are changing
And I’m sure of nothing that I know
Except this is us, and this is love, and this is where I’m home

In a world that’s breaking, where nothing is for keeps
Oh this is us, this is love and this is where I sleep
This is us, this is love and this is where I sleep.

Will and Rae are this beautiful kind of river together. Their currents are independent, yet they come together and swirl to form this powerful, emotional force that makes you stop and just watch. Just appreciate them. There are no apologies for who they are, who they have been. No rationalizations for what they’ve done or where they’re going. Just the here, the now, and the joy that is spending time with them. Will’s ear to ear smile when he see’s his magical girl, even if she’s only been away 5 minutes. The way she laughs when he whispers things to her. The way they breath the same breath together even when a hundred people are watching.

It’s always an honor and privilege to document love stories, and even more so when I walk away knowing that not only have I just witnessed the beginning of a lifetime of loving – but I am walking away a better person than I was when I walked in. Thank you both for inspiring me. xx

With Heart,


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